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When your looking at the many advantages of e-statements, your main concern should be your security. Using e-statements is just another simple step to keep your identity safe and avoid mail theft. Receiving your statements online is convenient, safe, and a secure way to receive your checking and savings account statements.

Features of E-statements:

  • You’ll receive an e-mail notification from Annandale State Bank when your statement is available.
  • It is safe and more secure than paper statements - eStatements are viewed thru our Online Banking site, so your statements are protected by the Online Banking security that you already trust. Plus, industry experts agree that electronic delivery is the safest and most secure way to receive your statements.
  • eStatements are fast - Typically, you will receive your electronic statements 2-3 days before paper statements arrive in the mail. It is the fastest way to get your monthly statement.
  • eStatements are convenient - eStatements put your full account history at your fingertips with statement history dating back several years, available 24-hours a day!
  • eStatements save you time - eStatements cannot be lost or misplaced, and they don't have to be filed away. When tax season rolls around, you can easily find all of last year's statements online, ready to be printed or saved to disk.
  • eStatements are free - there is no charge to sign up for and use eStatements.

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