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The Christmas Club Account

 Looking forward to the holidays but not the bills that come with the New Year? In this low income enviornment ASB still pays 3.33% APY*.

The point, of course, is not to make a killing on compound interest, but to safeguard your money -- from yourself -- so you have enough funds to spend for gifts or even travel during the holidays. And it helps prevent a pile of credit card debt in January.

How The Christmas Club Works:

· ASB will set up an automatic debit from your ASB checking account or you can set up an automatic transfer from your payroll.
· Interest is earned daily and will be added to your account on the 15th of every month.
· Your account balance will be included on your monthly checking account statement so you can watch your money grow throughout the year.
· On November 15th of each year, we will deposit your Christmas Club Account balance into the ASB account of your choice.

These kinds of accounts, small as they may be, are important because they encourage saving; this small step could lead to better saving habits.

Christmas Club Account Requirements:

· Own an ASB Consumer Checking Account.
· Have a primary direct deposit to an ASB account.
· Maximum deposit of $300.00 per month.

*Annual Percentage Yield effective 05/01/11.  Rates subject to change without notice. $5.00 minimum weekly deposit required. Fees could reduce earnings. Restrictions apply.    

 If you want to take the stress out of your Holiday Season and open a Christmas Club account, come in a talk with one of our new account representatives today.

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